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The Curriculum

Yoga Alliance (RYS200) Accredited Course

Teacher Training Course Details

This Yoga Alliance certified QiYoga Teacher Training Course is 275 hours in duration.  (200 hours of Hatha Yoga and 75 hours of Qigong).

  • This full course is taught via correspondence to non-teachers, with four days spent with QiYoga founder Fiona Kaczmarczyk to master and refine your skills.
  • For existing yoga teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of how energy flows through the body and how to clear stagnant energy, build life force energy and in  turn heal the body and mind, this course is taught over a series of weekend workshops.

QiYoga Training Creates Confident and Knowledgable Instructors

Unlike any other yoga course, you are encouraged to perform a series of classes under the guidance of the course coordinator and mentors. Constant feedback and support will be provided to enable you to feel 100% confident and competent as a QiYoga teacher.

Onus of Responsibility

It is your responsibility to work within your limits at all times. QiYoga teachers, mentors or course coordinators do not take any responsibility if you harm or injure yourself on the course.

Qi0 Prerequisite Level Requirements

  • A minimum of 50 QiYoga classes outside of the teacher training course is obligatory for Australian Teacher Trainers
  • 20x Private 1-2-1 sessions with the founder Fiona Kaczmarczyk is obligatory for European and American Teacher Trainers
    • Includes 10 sessions practising "how to adjust."

Note - American based QiYoga Teacher Training coming soon

Qi1 Foundation Level Requirements

This is a theory based course in which you will be required to study the manual and resource material as well as have attended 16 classes (minimum) to ensure you pass your entry-level exams. 

  • Theory exam - 90 minutes covering modules 1 - 8
  • Practical exam - teaching a 60 minute QiYoga Class for beginners with variations for HBP and LBP

Passing the exams at the end of this course will allow you to continue with Qi2.  

You will be certified with a 100 hour teaching certificate 

This certificate allows you to teach under the remote supervision of the course co-ordinator and founder Fiona Kaczmarczyk which you will use to establish teaching your 6 week beginner QiYoga classes and either an 8 week chakra course or a 4 week meditation course.

Qi2 Advanced Level Requirements

It is necessary for you to run both a 6 week Beginner Level course and an 8 week Chakra Balancing course under supervision*.

You will build upon your foundational skills and develop them into those of an advanced knowledge-based teacher.

You will learn how to teach advanced asanas, yoga for ailments, yoga for de-stress, yoga for back-care and more.

* Correspondence course students can record their classes and submit them for grading.

Qi3 Specialist Level Requirements

Choose from Therapeutic QiYoga training or Prenatal training

Note: Regarding Exams

  • Examination re-sits and marking of late assignments each incur a £60.00 fee before proceeding with the next stage of the course. 
  • A 70% pass rate is essential before continuing. 
  • If you feel extra tuition is required this is available at £60.00 per hour per person. Payment to be made via bank transfer to secure your time slot.

Qi1 Modules: Foundation Level

Group 1 Asanas
  • Beginner Asanas A
  • Beginner Asanas B

1: Defining QiYoga

1.1:  The Essence of Being a QiYoga Instructor

1.2:  How Qigong is Integrated with Hatha Yoga

1.3:  Essential Components of a QiYogaClass

2: History of Yoga

2.1:  Yoga's History through the Ages

2.2:  8-Limbs of Yoga

2.3:  Ayurveda and Daoism

2.4:  Health and Nutrition: The QiYoga Lifestyle

3: Fundamentals of Yoga

3.1:  Breathing Techniques: Pranayama

4: Further Aspects of Yoga In Practice

4.2:  Bandha

4.1:  Shatkarma and Krya

4.3:  Group 1 Beginner Level Asana Benefits

5: Meditation

5.1:  Meditation: Definition, Styles and Practices

5.2:  Mudras

5.3:  Yantras

6: Anatomy and Physiology

6.1:  Skeleton

6.2:  Muscles

6.3:  Flexors & Extensors

6.4:  Systems (CNS, Immune etc.)

6.5:  The Effect Yoga has on the Body: Integrate Beginner Asanas with A&P Knowledge

7: Chakras

7.1:  Chakra Meditations

7.2:  Chakra Healing and Understanding how to Create a Yoga Class around Chakras

8: How to Run a QiYoga Class and Course

8.1:  Communicating as a Yoga Instructor

8.2:  How to Run a QiYogaClass

8.3:  How to Run a QiYoga Course

Qi2 Modules: Advanced Level

Group 2 Asanas
  • Advanced Asanas
  • Advanced Qigong
9: QiYoga: For De-Stress

9.1:  Theory

9.2:  Practical

9.3:  Teaching Tips

9.4:  Advanced Qigong Exam

10: Advanced Yoga Asana Teaching

10.1:  QiYoga: For De-Stress Exam

10.2:  Advanced Level Asanas

11: QiYoga: For Back Care

11.1:  Theory

11.2:  Practical

11.3:  Teaching Tips

11.4:  QiYoga: For Back Care Exam

Qi3 Modules: Specialist Level

12: QiYoga: For Therapeutic Training or Prenatal Training or Basic Fertility Training

13: Qi-Business-Skills: Learn how to advertise, market and build your QiYoga business

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