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London and UK Qi Yoga Teacher Training Instructor CPD Course


Yoga Alliance (RYS200) Accredited Course

Course Details


This Yoga Alliance certified QiYoga® Teacher Training Course is 275 hours in duration.  (200 hours of Hatha Yoga and 75 hours of Qigong). You can learn at your own pace and start at your own time. All training is done privately: 1-to-1 directly with the founder of QiYoga (Fiona Boulton, formerly Fiona Kaczmarczyk).


80 hour CPD training for existing yoga teachers to become therapeutic yoga teachers: learning how to combine Qi Gong (Chi Kung) with Hatha Yoga


Fertility Yoga Teacher Training - for full details, refer to our sister site, Awakening Fertility, here.

QiYoga® Training is Special

Unlike any other Yoga course, you are encouraged to perform a series of classes under the guidance of the course coordinator and mentors. Constant feedback and support will be provided to enable you to feel 100% confident and competent as a QiYoga® teacher.

Gain World-Wide Recognition, Certification and Confidence
- Helping you to be your best!

Onus of Responsibility

It is your responsibility to work within your limits at all times. QiYoga® teachers, mentors or course coordinators do not take any responsibility if you harm or injure yourself on the course.

Qi0 Prerequisite Level Requirements

A minimum of 10x private 1-to-1 QiYoga® classes

- with the founder Fiona Boulton (in London or West Sussex, UK or online) 

Qi1 Foundation Level Requirements

This is a theory based course in which you will be required to study the manual and resource material as well as have attended 16 classes to ensure you pass your initial exam. Passing the exams at the end of this course will allow you to continue with Qi2.

Qi2 Advanced Level Requirements

It is necessary for you to run both a 6 week Beginner Level course and an 8 week Chakra Balancing course under supervision*.

You will build upon your foundational skills and develop them into those of an advanced knowledge-based teacher.

You will learn how to teach advanced asanas, yoga for ailments, yoga for de-stress, yoga for back-care and more.

* Correspondence course students can record their classes and submit them for grading.

Qi3 Specialist Level Requirements

Choose from Therapeutic QiYoga® training or Prenatal training

You will need to attend 7 specialist classes. You are required to practice performing 2 specialist classes with the mentors or record your class via web cam or video camera prior to your exam.

Examination re-sits and marking of late assignments each incur a £60.00 fee before proceeding with the next stage of the course. A 70% pass rate is essential before continuing. If you feel extra tuition is required this is available at £30.00 per hour per person. Payment to be made via bank transfer to secure your time slot.

Courses run by QiYoga® founder, Fiona Boulton:

We offer 1-to-1 private tuition so you can learn at your own pace and start at a time that best suits you.

Fiona has been teaching yoga since 2003 and her unique approach helps yoga teachers:

  • Advancing Yoga Postures
  • How yin and yang polarity energies move through the body and how to integrate this into your yoga routines
  • How blocked meridians (nadis) make us feel slow, heavy and sluggish
  • How to unblock meridians
  • How to unblock nadis
  • How to cultivate life force energy Qi/Prana so you feel more energised with your yoga practice
  • How life force energy can be used to heal specific ailments 
  • How to deepen your yoga practice to turn it into a moving meditation
  • How to deepen your meditation teaching skills to take both you and your student to a whole new level - go deeper than heart consciousness to be a fully integrated being
  • Note - Be sure to let us know what your interest in specific ailments are and we'll cover it over the weekend so you walk away more confident and competent with your therapeutic practice.

Our Reputation

What People Said About Our QiYoga Teacher Training Since 2006

"It was a very thorough course with lots of 1-to-1 personalised attention. It helped me launch into a successful career where I formulated my own style incorporating laughter yoga and thai yoga massage!"
- Gina: Laughter & More! Graduated 2007

"I did the course in my own time, as a private student in 2.5 months. It was so intensive, but now I run my own training school abroad and love my new life. Thanks Fiona."
- Larri: All About Heart! Graduated 2008

"Amazing - the best thing I could have done for myself. I even fell pregnant on the course and I had been with my partner for 6 years and never thought it would happen. I had done two other well known teacher training courses but felt I needed more. Fiona taught the most comprehensive teacher training course ever! I became so confident that I set up my own yoga teacher training business in Clapham, London. Thanks Fiona!" 
- MW: Graduated 2009

"Training with Fiona was a life-changing, phenomenal experience! I can't recommend it enough! I learnt so much about myself and feel confident as a yoga teacher to branch out and start my own school - which I have now done." 
- A.L Graduated 2010

"I took my QiYoga training to Canada in 2011 and set up there! Fiona helped me do the teacher training all throughout my pregnancy!
- Mary: Graduated 2011

"We completed our training in 2012 and have set up Be Chi Yoga in Sydney. It was an awesome course and we can not recommend it enough or speak highly enough about it, thank you!"
- Eve & Brenda: Graduated 2012

"It was one of the hardest things I ever did. I never failed anything until I joined Fiona's training... But I kept at it and now run my own yoga business services corporate yoga and private classes across London."
- Stef: Graduated 2013

"I joined the training not wanting to embrace everything on offer. Upon completing the course I now feel confident in teaching everything I resisted and am looking to now venture into training to teach seniors!"
- Jo: Graduated 2014

Qi1 Modules: Foundation Level

1: Defining QiYoga®

1.1:  The Essence of Being a QiYoga® Instructor
1.2:  How Qigong is Integrated with Hatha Yoga
1.3:  Essential Components of a QiYoga® Class

2: History of Yoga

2.1:  Yoga's History through the Ages
2.2:  8-Limbs of Yoga
2.3:  Ayurveda and Daoism
2.4:  Health and Nutrition: The QiYoga® Lifestyle

3: Fundamentals of Yoga

3.1:  Breathing Techniques: Pranayama
3.2:  Group 1 Beginner Level Asanas

4: Anatomy & Physiology

4.1:  Skeleton
4.2:  Muscles
4.3:  Flexors & Extensors
4.4:  Systems (CNS, Immune etc.)
4.5:  The Effect Yoga has on the Body: Integrate Beginner Asanas with A&P Knowledge

5: Further Aspects of Yoga in Practice

5.1:  Bandha
5.2:  Shatkarma and Krya
5.3:  Group 2 Beginner Level Asanas

6: Meditation

6.1:  Meditation: Definition, Styles and Practices
6.2:  Mudras
6.3:  Yantras

7: Chakras

7.1:  Chakra Meditations
7.2:  Chakra Healing and Understanding how to Create a Yoga Class around Chakras

8: How to Run a QiYoga® Class and Course

8.1:  Communicating as a Yoga Instructor
8.2:  How to Run a QiYoga® Class
8.3:  How to Run a QiYoga® Course

Qi2 Modules: Advanced Level

9: QiYoga®: For De-Stress

9.1:  Advanced Qigong Exam
9.2:  Theory
9.3:  Practical
9.4:  Teaching Tips

10: Advanced Yoga Asana Teaching

10.1:  QiYoga®: For De-Stress Exam
10.2:  Advanced Level Asanas

11: QiYoga®: For Back Care

11.1:  Theory
11.2:  Practical
11.3:  Teaching Tips
11.4:  QiYoga®: For Back Care Exam


Qi3 Modules: Specialist Level

12: QiYoga®: For Therapeutic Training or Prenatal Training or Basic Fertility Training

Tell Your Story:

Email Fiona a brief overview of your background and why you want to become a QiYoga Teacher Trainer or Fertility Yoga Teacher

Include your current qualifications (if applicable), achievements and motivations

Download an application form here.

Contact Fiona directly
Phone - +44 (0)7989 400 586 | +44 (0)20 8871 0659
Skype - fiona.kaczmarczyk