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Yoga Teacher Training Instructor Course Perth

Our yoga teacher training course is only available to existing yoga teachers as a CPD (continual professional development) programme.

However, you can always sign up to our QiYoga Teacher Training Course via correspondence prior to doing this course.

Why Become A QiYoga Teacher?

Understand how to re-energise! 

Clear blocked energy and cultivate life force

This makes yoga easier and life easier - when you have more energy, chakras (energy centres) are activated you can live more balanced, confident and abundantly

There are many things in today's fast paced lifestyle that can contribute to stress and accumulation of stagnant energy that can lead to lethargy, lack of focus, lack of concentration and a variety of health issues. Namely: hormone imbalances, digestive disorders, stress, toxic exposure (of toxins and toxic relationships), being depleted of energy, being under nourished (physically, mentally and emotionally), and so the list goes on.

Fiona Kacz-Boulton, founder of this programme has been teaching QiYoga globally to clients since 2006 and has a proven track record of its immense success.

Perth Yoga Teacher Training

Our correspondence course:

Training is available for non-yoga teachers to start anytime via our correspondence course!

Correspondence course includes four full training days with: 
  • QiYoga founder Fiona Kacz-Boulton
  • As well as other times with QiYoga mentor, Jen Kaz

For existing yoga teachers:

The teacher training CPD programme for existing yoga instructors is taught as a full day event




1 - 9 Roydhouse Street

Western Australia, 6008


What Are People Saying About Our Yoga Teacher Training?

"It was a very thorough course with lots of 1-to-1 personalised attention. It helped me launch into a successful career where I formulated my own style incorporating laughter yoga and thai yoga massage!" - Gina: Graduated 2007

"I did the course in my own time, as a private student in 2.5 months. It was so intensive, but now I run my own training school abroad and love my new life. Thanks Fiona"
- Larri: All About Heart! Graduated 2008

"Amazing - the best thing I could have done for myself. I even fell pregnant on the course and I had been with my partner for 6 years and never thought it would happen. I had done two other well known teacher training courses but felt I needed more. Fiona taught the most comprehensive teacher training course ever! I became so confident that I set up my own yoga teacher training business in Clapham, London. Thanks Fiona!" 
- MW: Graduated 2009

"Training with Fiona was a life-changing, phenomenal experience! I can't recommend it enough! I learnt so much about myself and feel confident as a yoga teacher to branch out and start my own school - which I have now done." 
- A.L Graduated 2010

"I took my QiYoga training to Canada in 2011 and set up there! Fiona helped me do the teacher training all throughout my pregnancy!
- Mary: Graduated 2011

"We completed our training in 2012 and have set up Be Chi Yoga in Sydney. It was an awesome course and we can not recommend it enough or speak highly enough about it, thank you!"
- Eve & Brenda: Graduated 2012

"It was one of the hardest things I ever did. I never failed anything until I joined Fiona's training... But I kept at it and now run my own yoga business services corporate yoga and private classes across London."
- Stef: Graduated 2013

"I joined the training not wanting to embrace everything on offer. Upon completing the course I now feel confident in teaching everything I resisted and am looking to now venture into training to teach seniors!"
- Jo: Graduated 2014